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About Vineyard Ministry Indonesia

Vineyard Ministry

"Spreads The Light in The Dark Side of Indonesia"

Founded on April 10, 2014, which chooses the world of education as its service. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs who believe that education for children is the most effective way to shape the nation's next generation.

Guru Paud YKA

The meaning of the name
Vineyard Ministry

  1. As a form of love for God in the form of sweet wine offerings that are manifested through the education ministry for children

  2. As investment capital for the life to come. As it is said that everyone should not be arrogant and command God to do good and be rich in virtue as a basis for a human being to achieve real life.

Reasons We serve in children's education

  1. The most effective way to change a nation is through education.

  2. Forming a character based on God's love. Because character building is easiest in childhood.

  3. Mengashihi children as individuals who need help, because children are people who are helpless and weak.

NTT Children

Our History

In 2010, Mr. Djoko Warsieno received guidance to care for the poor. Finally, through his service, he opened a tutoring facility in the Plumpang slum area , North Jakarta.


Starting with the education of children in Plumang, and then reaching under the Bridge in the Jelambar area , the Edge of the Angke Railway, Penjaringan City Forest, and finally at the Kapuk Kebun Sayur garbage disposal site, West Jakarta.

Rumah Belajar Nusantara Kalimantan Barat
Djoko with children

Vision and mission


Educate Children in Indonesia to free them from poverty and have a Godly character



Building education by establishing schools in underdeveloped areas in Indonesia.

Values of the Vineyard Ministry


By loving other people, we are practicing that God's love is real.


Giving justice to the weak, orphans, defending the rights of the poor and needy.


Practicing honesty as our value, because we do not look for faces but are honest in God's way.

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